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Whispered Sweet Nothings

Is there anything sweeter than precious baby feet?

When Jamison was born, our pediatrician commented how easy-going and relaxed he seemed.
She continued, “it’s hard to say if they are different the second time around or are we?”

Jonah is a dream of a baby… or maybe they all were and it’s just me who is different. It’s hard to say.

What would I go back and whisper in my own ear after Jack was born? Oh the things, so many things.

Some of those whispered sweet nothings might sound a little like this.

Whoa, that child-birth thing is some thing. Nice work, you made it – moving on.

  1. First things first girlfriend – baking soda. Yes, I would really open up with baking soda. It is the super simple, genius cure to diaper rash that no one tells you about. You have it on hand, it is inexpensive and works better than most expensive creams. Put some in the bathtub and let baby soak in the water as long as possible. A little airing out afterwards and voila you have a much happier baby on your hands. Thank you kind nurse for this little tidbit.
  2. If you’re going to breastfeed, forget all the darn pumping. Yes, it is handy in the hospital to get the old ball rolling. And yes, it is handy when you need to go back out into the world and work, live, play, etc. However, if you can avoid it, do. It becomes harder to stay in sync with the baby, takes more time and creates more things to wash. Get yourself a handy little breastfeeding book, a boppy and a breastfeeding app. And look at feeding the baby as God’s sneaky plan to get you to sit down and rest with baby every couple of hours.
  3. Your husband will eventually start to understand how babies work. No offense to the husbands out there, but they usually need a little time to come around and realize how all this baby stuff works. Yes, their coworkers might have some really great advice to pass on, but smiling and nodding is all that’s required here. And, no you don’t need to take the baby and move in to your best friend’s house at 5 weeks postpartum. You are a tired, worn out, weepy mess, but it gets better.
  4. Design a nursery you are going to love and invest in a good glider. You are going to spend lots of time there, make it a relaxing place you can enjoy bonding with your baby and a safe, comfortable place to rock the baby at night. I’m sure primary colors stimulate the baby’s mind or some such foolishness, but the nursery is a bedroom after all. Relaxation is the key. Oh, and don’t forget the gliding ottoman… currently a very critical half of my second bed.

  5. Forget the diaper genie. Or as my husband likes to call it the diaper time capsule. So, this sounds like a super great idea when you’re registering and it’s on all the baby registry lists, but here’s the reality of the diaper genie. If kept in the nursery, it is one more trash bag to take out. The older the baby gets, the worse the diapers begin to smell. Now the nursery closet smells and therefore your peaceful above mentioned nursery oasis now smells worse than a truck stop. Eventually, the plastic diaper capsule maker itself has a special rancid funk that cannot be removed. Lastly, you’ve now taken disposable, probably never biodegrading diapers and smashed them all together in another blue plastic probably never biodegrading bag, and possibly put them in yet another regular size garbage bag. Did I mention you have to buy special bags for your magic diaper genie? I repeat. Forget the diaper genie.
  6. All those let the baby cry it out folk. Ignore them. Do what feels right for you and your baby. If it literally makes you sick to your stomach to let your baby cry. Don’t do it. There is a time and place for this method and it is not for a newborn.
  7. It was a rocky road for baby to either travel down the birth canal or be yanked out a 6 inch incision. Consider a chiropractor if baby seems uncomfortable or colicky.
  8. Speaking of colicky. Colicky is code for we don’t know what is wrong with your baby. He just cries a lot. But don’t worry, the books seem to indicate that after 6 months of crying a lot most babies pass this stage.
  9. Tell people if you think you’re losing your mind. Especially people who have young children. They will get it and reassure you that you are not insane, merely temporarily sleep deprived.
  10. You will sleep again. Seriously, I know it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to having your child sleep through the night. One night soon, they will and a little bit of you is going to miss those midnight snuggles that only you get to experience.
  11. All those mommy war issues are mostly overblown, made up issues. Yes, some people might look down on you if you don’t serve your baby organic carrots from your vegan leather nursery bag and you go back to work too soon, or you don’t go back at all, or you choose to breastfeed vs. formula feed. The majority of people you love and care about are going to say, “Do whatever is right for you and your family, sister. I support you! You are doing an awesome job.”
  12. Write some things down if you can. Not a detailed diagram of when they popped each tooth, but the special things you want to remember. You think you will remember all those precious details about when they first smiled, their first step, but it all becomes a little murky after the first child. Was it Jack or Jamison that walked at 1 year? Write down the things you want to remember, not necessarily the things a baby book prompts you to enter.

I’m sure there would be lots more sweet nothings, but you know, I’m sleep deprived and pecking at the computer with one hand while I hold a baby in the other.

I hope you are all having dreamy summers.


Barbara Bath

This is priceless!! Boy #3 is wonderful. Your words are inspiring.
Mama Bath (your friend Jenny’s mom)

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