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What to do with an extra hour?

Sunday morning we woke up with an extra hour in our pocket, and I laid in bed thinking about how best to enjoy it.  This time of year generally has me yearning to hunker down at my sewing machine with a warm cup of coffee, but it was a beautiful November day and I didn’t want to waste it inside.  Another autumn gift to be opened and appreciated.  So, after a couple rounds of, “Did you change this clock?” and “Are you sure it really is 9 o’clock and not 8 o’clock?” we decided to head downtown and visit Discovery World for the kids followed by the Milwaukee Ale House for the adults.  Family time and pumpkin beer, definitely a good use of an extra hour.

We arrived right when they opened at 10:00 am and parked underneath the Milwaukee Art Museum.  The views of the Calatrava addition, the downtown skyline and the lake were so calm and peaceful that morning.  And there was hardly anyone out yet.  It was perfect.

And so we investigated, pushed buttons and discovered different exhibits – toddler style.

Jack now calls Discovery World, “the fish house,” which it sort of is.  There are places in the aquarium where the fish are over you, under you and along side of you.  Scuba diving without all the bulky gear.

A gentleman who worked there tipped us off to the pilot house level and I’m so glad he did.  It was a little chillier up there, but the views were amazing.  Blue sky, blue water, cottony clouds and sail boats.

And a view even better than the pilot house?  One from right on top daddy or grandpa’s shoulders.

Now, if only that extra hour didn’t mean dark-thirty at 4pm in the afternoon.

Have a lovely rest of the week everyone.



My oldest loves it there. I have not taken Analiese or Graesyn yet. We just took him to Betty Brinns this summer before school started and he had so much fun. Analiese will be going on a field trip with her Daisy Troop there this Friday. I’m sure she will be in awe of everything there too 🙂


Oh, they’ll love it! Even though it is more for older kids, Jack really enjoyed playing with the touch screens in the aquarium. It was kind of like I spy but on a really, really big scale! Jack loved Betty Brinn, too! He keeps asked when can we go back.


Oh that sky is so blue! PS: you have awesome hair.

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