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Vintage Ornament Wreath

So, I do realize that Christmas is over.  However, I’ve been itching to make one of these ornament wreaths forever.  I’m a collector of sorts and I’ve been picking up and admiring vintage ornaments here and there for years.  I don’t remember when I saw my first vintage ornament wreath, but be still my Christmas loving, antique appreciating heart.  Me and this project were meant to be.  Decorating fate I tell you.

I’ve been pining to make one and this weekend the opportunity finally arose.  It was the perfect storm of crafty possibilities.  First, it’s been colder than the dickens so we’ve been quarantined in the house for days, second my poor husband finally caught the bug the boys and I already had and third, all my Christmas stuff was still out.  And once I put all that stuff away, it seems like way too much work to pull it all out to find the handful of things I need at the bottom of all those storage bins.  I’ve also learned that if I want to do a project I better have everything I need on hand, because when the moment arises (nap time!) I better have my glue gun drawn and my craft supplies ready to rock and roll.

What a fun and addicting project this was.  You can of course make this with new or old ornaments, but it made my heart sing to do this with old ornaments I picked up throughout the years.  I like the thought that at some point each of these ornaments was hung on someone’s Christmas tree and hopefully brought them great joy.  I did put just a couple of my grandmother’s sacred ornaments on the front, too.

While I had all my vintage treasures out, I cranked out one more wreath and spruced up a couple other gems I had picked up over the years.  And how cute is the bottle brush tree strapped to the back of an old red toy truck?  I was tempted to strap these on the back of Jack & Jamison’s entire fleet of vehicles and tractors, but I tried to use restraint.

There are directions everywhere online for how to make these wreaths.  And there are so many really cool ornament wreaths others have made, too.  Just do a Google image search for “vintage ornament wreath” or hop on over to Pinterest.  Inspiration abounds everywhere.  These are the instructions I followed, but there are many variations floating around.

I used a Styrofoam wreath form and wrapped it with tinsel garland first, but any wreath form will do.  Heck, one of the sites I checked out the woman used 2 swim noodles duct taped together because she couldn’t find a circular form big enough.

A couple of things I found while making mine:

  1. These take A LOT of ornaments (I think I used about 100).
  2. These take A LOT of glue (make sure you have plenty of glue sticks on hand).
  3. Make sure you attach your wreath hanger before you start.  The wreath becomes difficult to maneuver as it becomes full of ornaments.  Especially if you’re using delicate glass ones like this.  Jamison accidentally dropped and shattered 2 ornaments while “helping” mama.
  4. Some of these wreaths hide the metal tops of the ornaments, some do not.  I personally like the look of hiding the majority of the tops of the base ornaments, but highlighting some of the really old ornaments with the pretty scalloped tops in front.  That part can be just as pretty as the ornament.  Also, be careful, some of the old glass ornaments are really sharp if not capped off with the metal tops.
  5. Every now and then, stand back and check out how things are looking.  Trust me, once those ornaments are hot glued on, it is not going to be an easy feat to get them off.
  6. The more variation in ornament size the better, I used 4 different sized ornaments.

Many of the ornaments I bought at antique stores and flea markets came in random containers, but some came in original boxes.  Once I was done, I felt bad throwing them out.  So, I  plan to cut them up and make some name tags out of them for next year.  I’ll post some pictures later when/if I get to that.

Now instead of feeling like I missed the boat on some of my hopeful projects for this Christmas, I can just think of myself as being really on top of things for next year.  Right?!


One additional note:  I finally have my church decorating pictures up to date on the site, including this year’s Christmas.  It is still up in church for one more weekend if you want to see it in person.  Those are strings of lights behind the white sheer fabric panels.  It looked really beautiful and tranquil with the lights turned low at the beginning of Christmas Eve mass.  Click here to check out the rest of the Christmas pictures for St. Charles.

Now, let’s all think warm thoughts, I think everyone is going bonkers being cooped up from all this cold.

Is January too early to have Spring Fever?



Your wreath is awesome! I picked up a generic ornament wreath at a thrift store last year and my husband declares it to be hideous (I think he actually tried to hide it from me this year…), so maybe I’ll start collecting ornaments to make my own. Thanks for the inspiration!


That’s hilarious. My husband has not always agreed with my decorating taste, but I don’t think he’s ever tried to hide anything on me yet! 🙂 I better not give him any idea.

Lady Jennie

So beautiful. You are really talented!!


Thanks Jennie!

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