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Tulips, tractors & a pot of gold

In my quest to take advantage of the last couple weeks with just the boys pre-baby, I’ve been mindful to squeeze in fun little adventures here and there when we can and when I feel adventurous myself. My mom and I took the boys to a local perennial farm last week. Everything is just starting to bloom and come to life, but even before everything is in full swing, the landscape design and architectural details there are still worth the trip.

And, if you haven’t figured out what to give the special moms in your life yet, this is a great spot. I’ve given my own sweet mom a gift certificate or two from here over the years.

Jamison wants to add that they have ducks, a dog, kitties, chickens, donkeys and a couple of other animals wandering around the farm. However, don’t ask about how they keep the deer from eating their tulips or slugs from doing damage while your children are running rampant from one path to another. The woman working there seemed less than eager to share her gardening secrets while the boys were not exactly tiptoeing through her tulips.

We’ve also been enjoying…

The start of tractor season. I’m hopeful the field behind us is going to be planted with wheat or corn, but my husband thinks soybeans. No offense to soybeans, but you got nothing on your more attractive, taller relatives.

Also, enjoying… after dinner walks looking for treasure. The double rainbow last night inspired talks of leprechaun treasures behind the barn and the possible capture of a leprechaun himself. Unfortunately, we did not spot any pots of gold on our walk. Fortunately, no leprechaun’s were harmed in this search. No quitting our day jobs just yet.

Happy Monday all.
I hope your week brings you a mini-adventure or two of your own.

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