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I think one of the shorter people in our house peed on our shower curtain. The dulled plastic curtain behind the pretty one is ripped lose and hanging down playing peek-a-boo with all its unsightliness in view. Who buys an ivory and gold shower curtain with more than one man/boy in the house?

I’m considering renaming our mudroom the sand room. I can understand now why some of the pioneer women went mad. The constant layering of dirt on all surfaces. Dirt floors grounding humble beginnings, that no matter how many times were swept clean, never stayed that way. I’m starting to think I should place a jar in the front entry in which I sweep all the extra sand from the sandbox into, for the purposes of refilling the sandbox because it must be empty by now.

My most recent laundry rule – just one load a day, one load washed, folded and put away, is not even being accomplished. Although, the kids think it’s a blast to empty all the dirty laundry baskets onto the living room floor and do cannon balls on them from the couch. Of course, they know this only flies when the piles in the living room are dirty, not clean. The wrinkling and crushing of a newly cleaned and fluffed basket of clothes is almost as bothersome as the guy who sets his dirty cereal bowl on the recently cleaned off counter instead of in the sink or dishwasher.

My (and by my I mean my sister-in-law’s) sewing machine is in desperate need of a good oiling, cleaning, and new needle install, so it sits idle with my so darn close to being done receiving blanket quilt, the binding waiting patiently for my return.

BUT, the baby’s room is done. The crib, changing table, glider and high chair are all washed and reassembled. The bedding is all crisp and clean once again. The one package of newborn diapers I purchased is neatly stacked in a linen lined basket along with diaper rash creams of varying varieties – preventative, sort of red and good grief you poor baby.

We have a car that seats 3 car seats. Who thought I would ever need a car that accommodated 3 car seats? I have the car carrier disassembled and in various stages of soaking, washing and sanitizing.

I refuse to either get out any of the boy clothes downstairs or veer into any of the girl clothes sections at Target or Kohl’s because well, I just do. I think a package of new white onsies will do for either a boy or a girl.

The boys are sweet and talk about their baby sister (Jamison’s prediction) or baby brother (Jack’s prediction) on a daily basis now. Jack thinks we should name the baby Sam or Lucy, definitely steps up from his original baby naming suggestions. Jamison wants to know if he can hold the baby, feed the baby a bottle and change diapers. I’m all like yes, yes and yes, sweet boy.

They ended up planting soybeans behind the house. The bright side is we were around both when the field was sprayed and planted. Plus, we got to see our buddy Cullen helping out, too.

And, the boys did a little fishing this past weekend. Dad did a bunch of hooking worms and casting lines, while I did a bunch of line untangling. But, the boys did catch and release a couple of fish before we were officially fishing in the dark.

Have a lovely holiday weekend everyone.

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