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The months between

“Let’s take back the long days and the short years and all the months that come between them, because this is where our real life happens. And we won’t be so naïve as to try to make the hard times beautiful, but we will have faith that the hard days are making us, remaking us, and forming us into the likeness of Christ.

Let’s take back moments that are lovely even if they are imperfect, words that are powerful even if only one person hears them…” ~ Emily Freeman, Simply Tuesday

Many are the moments and words that are lovely, imperfect and powerful.
And maybe only a few see them, but taking them back means honoring our people.
And honoring our people is sometimes simplest for me in the rearview mirror.

Looking back gets an undeniably bad rap, but what if the looking back is a searching to relive the good I missed the first go around? It’s calmer there, quiet.

All the emotion is locked in place in the still of the frame. You can sift through them like catalog cards, acknowledging the imperfect ones, giving them a polite nod and continuing to dig for the nuggets. Those moments of lovely tucked inside all the ordinary ordinaries.

When the writing comes and the pictures remind, the calm and the peace can shine.

In real-time minds race and people can look like task lists needing to be checked and rechecked. I create not to recreate the happiness I missed the first go around, but to relive it, revive it, receive it. It’s hardly obvious to me when we’re all pacing and racing and everything is so loud. The world in loud, the kids are loud and for sure my husband’s phone is loud.

And how thankful I am to have discovered a simple way to take back the months between.

Even though January is nearing a close, my soul needed one more look in the rearview mirror at 2015 before marching forward with the faith of a good steward. It’s good to be reminded of the uncomfortable places we were stretched and the growth that followed. Just to be standing still and looking back means, we made it, maybe not completely to the other side, but at least to a softer, more solid landing-place in the process.

Oh, and dear 2015, one more thing – blessed are the kids for keeping it real.
The jig is up, the floor is dirty, and real children have tantrums. And, you gotta know that yoga pants and pony tails are my current favorite trend. You’ll get tired my mom said knowingly about my crazy. I am tired, but resigned to squeeze out each sacred moment in a string of 60.

Even if I can’t quite get to it in the present, I’m content to hunt it down in my shadow.




Tiffany Milne

So beautifully said! Blessings to you all in this New Year, those boys are all so handsome and growing so very fast!!!


Thank you Tiffany!!

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