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The Jonah Bear

I give myself this pep talk each time I begin planning a party. It sounds something like this, “Jenny, ok now, just a simple 2 year old’s birthday party. You can do it. Real Simple. Repeat after me. Reeeeaaaaal. Simple.”

And then — I happen upon the spark. Or the spark happens to me? Either way. . . that itty bitty spark ignites and pretty soon I’m crafting tiny bear scenes as centerpieces and hot gluing ribbon to my old high chair for the birthday boy.

But alas, it makes me happy and more importantly, I hope it makes my people feel loved. My spark this time was a combination of this rad t-shirt I found on Etsy and the birthday boy’s nickname. His t-shirt reads, “I’m 2, let’s party.” His dimples read, kiss me again mama.

Even though my personal pep talk often falls on deaf ears, I have succumbed to a couple of sanity savers before a party. For example, when your kind and generous family and friends offer to bring things, say yes! I love a communal potluck. Each person brings their specialty and it makes for a more fun and flavorful meal. We are blessed to have a host of excellent bakers and cooks in the family.

Secondly, now that we have more than 1 bathroom in the house, I clean the powder room days in advance and then I lock the door. This drives my family slightly insane since it is the most used bathroom in the house, but it’s one thing clean and checked off my list that can’t be undone before party time.

Lastly, I’ve learned that husbands have their own agendas for things that need to be done before a party and none of them will be the same as yours. And that is okay, plan for that. Stay married & party. Amen.

We planned a scavenger hunt for the older kids, which went over really well. My husband laughed at me when he saw my spiral bound notebook flipped open to scavenger hunt rules, but I knew I would forget all the things once everything was in full swing.

Scavenger hunt rules included but not limited to: use the buddy system, no crossing the road and find the flowers in the woods . . . not snagged from the potted plants.

Jonah, I’m convinced you are the only one who could fit into our family as you do. God knew that a wallflower just wouldn’t do in this house of movers and shakers. As the youngest brother, He gave you the resilience, fortitude and certainty of mind needed for holding your own.

You are determined to run with your crazy brother pack and jump into whatever it is the older J’s are doing.

You love to be tickled, read to, and running free.

And, I will be there right behind you, spotting you, wherever you may go.

Happy 2nd Birthday little man! We love you so!!

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Sue Edge

Oh my, Jenny. You are so talented. Parties at your house look wonderful. I wish I had the talent and drive to do what you do,.


Awww… Thanks sue for the kind words. 🙂 I love party planning.

Sue Edge

Every time I see pictures of Jonah, he looks just like your brother, Rob, and your dad to me.


He does look a lot like Rob. I agree!! 🙂

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