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Summertime Bits

Somewhere beyond the flourish and fete that often carry me away, this little ol’ blog of mine turned 4 last month. And, I love that the anniversary of my happy, creative space is also my mom’s birthday. Four years and 110 posts later, June 21st is still a square on the calendar happily shared in my heart.

And still, I hunt down joy through the scope of my camera and the trigger of my keyboard.

It is the refining nature of Christ to be continually making something new in us, desiring more for us. Our creativity out-flowing from His. His constant presence reassuringly turning our face upward. The long hand of God extending to keep our chin up, our sights accurately pointed to those things that matter.

There are days and weeks I think I don’t need this. My pride and capable nature assure me if I keep trudging out there day after day, hard work alone will eventually work for good, but it doesn’t always pan out that way.

I get caught up in the place Paul David Tripp describes as follows:

“In the middle of all the endless parenting activities, many parents get lost. They are doing lots of things, lots of good things, but they don’t know why. They’ve been swallowed up into the daily grind of parenting, but they’ve lost sight of what it is that they’re working for or building toward. The menial tasks that they have to do day after day get reduced to an endless catalog of unattractive duties that don’t seem to have any overarching vision that holds them all together and sanctifies them with meaning and purpose.”

When I capture the moments around me, the ones that point to God, they are the ones that sanctify the endless catalog of parenting and life duties. Each day presenting us with opportunities to see God, to give dishes and laundry purpose. To point to something beautiful and say to your children, I’m so thankful the good Lord gave us sunsets, and heart-shaped rocks, and wildflowers teaming with blooms and bees that require only the daintiest of roots to thrive. All of these opportunities, simply arrows pointing to God and reminding us to say thank you.

When I look up, say yes, go for a walk, play that board game, teach them how to make grilled cheese, sew a pillow and stop to appreciate the 17 frogs they’ve relocated to our kiddie pool, then, I set the course for the vision I desire for our family.

And, some days it’s incredibly difficult to do this, and maybe all you can squeak out is 20 minutes of graditude, of paying attention.

Well then, take them. Run with them and don’t let anyone steal them away. Hold what is precious in your heart. And let negativity roll off your shoulders.

As TobyMac would say, soldier, keep moving on.

We’re all allowed the time required to wrestle our demons, just don’t let them get comfortable. Don’t let them take residence in your heart and poison the gifts that are yours for the taking right now.

Because in between tantrums and broken jars, anger and frustration . . . life wedges in laughter and generosity, grace and clean counters.

Share with me, if you are so inclined, a picture in the comments of this Facebook post of something that gave you joy recently. I would love to see the cracks of light shinning through your life.

Carry on warriors. And, as my mom would say, life is good if you don’t weaken.


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