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Summer Nightcap

We’ve been drinking in the last few sips of summer’s warmth and promise these past two weeks.  I love September and October in Wisconsin, so the transition to autumn is always a welcome one.  I’m already dreaming about apple cider, leaves crunching underfoot and all the other wonderfully homey preparations that begin this time of year.

Got Acorns?
Got Acorns?

Jack started preschool Tuesday morning, same child care center, but a new building and a new teacher.  Thankfully, many of his friends moved there with him as well.  I envisioned tears and clutching and peeling off and shyness.  But really there was only a half hearted attempt to hide behind mama’s legs, which quickly resolved itself when he peeked out to see a couple of familiar smiling faces.  Thank you Lyla for showing Jack where the toys were and for being such a sweetheart.  I, on the other hand, could feel the tears starting to well up in my own eyes, but I was soon off to work, so I temporarily shelved that current the best I could.  It will be back I’m sure, when some other quiet note strikes a chord in my heart.  I’m more and more of a sap these days.  It doesn’t take much.

Speaking of sappy, have you heard the Pure Michigan radio ad for fall yet?  I know, I know, I’m ridiculous, but it makes me want to cry happy tears every time I hear it.  It makes me want to buy a summer home and a boat.  It makes me want to have Tim Allen come to my house every night and read me bedtime stories.  His voice just makes everything sound divine.  Go ahead and give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

Tuesday also marked the beginning of the end of my blessed morning wake up calls from jibber-jabbering voices down the hall.  We actually had to be somewhere at a certain time.  I’m happy to report I’ve barely touched our alarm clock since Jack was born 3 1/2 years ago, which to me is pure heaven.  The boys served as my alarm clock, so there was no need for that incessant beep, beep, beeping.  The combination of the boys being really good sleepers and having a flexible work schedule made most mornings laid back in regards to the hurry up, we gotta go, go, go department.  Laid back, as long as all our other ducks were in a row, and the potty negotiations weren’t in full swing.  I really think we should send toddlers in to do all future legal mediation work needing to be completed.  Both parties would wave their surrender flag and be so worn out at the end of the session they’d just say, “yep, let her keep the house,” and “yes, we’ll pay out on that hot coffee burn,” and “yes, I agree to drop all charges.”  Ah, the relentless persistence of a toddler’s whim.

We don’t do rushing around here so well because we really haven’t had to.  In fact, shortly after Jamison was born I had no idea how I would ever leave the house again without at least a 3 hour lead time or an au pair.  We’d be all set to go and then our 2 hour feeding time would be up and Jamison would need to eat again.  But, routines are good, getting up early is good and maybe it will help cure my let’s stay up until the wee hours of the morning habit when I’m itching to just get some things done.

Some of my favorite finding joy moments lately:

Trips to what Jack calls our “little park”

Babysitting my nephew Tanner a couple Friday mornings in a row.  Weekly baby fix satisfied.  Isn’t he beautiful?

A boy & his wagon on one of our nightly walks

The Fair:  Jack’s favorite part – the corndogs.  Jamison can’t quite articulate his favorite part yet, but I’m thinking it is probably the tractors.  We ended up going twice on Labor Day weekend.  We went Saturday with Jason’s parents.

Do you not love everything about this next picture.  I love that some farmer named his tractor The Bucket List.

And, Labor Day we went back, just the family.  Snow cone brain freeze!

The Demolition Derby was going on as we left.  It’s amazing how a new vantage point on daddy’s shoulders can eek you out a couple more minutes of toddler happiness when they are ready to be done.

I figure the hot pink car below is probably the most pink this girl is going to get with three men in the house.

Tuesday night Grandma Gail gave Jack & Jamison a ride on her horse… and be still my mama heart.  Gorgeous summer night, the sun taking a bow after its final westward descent and two blonde haired, blue-eyed boys loving their Grandma, each other & enjoying her very tall and very handsome horse.

All summer long we’ve been working with Jack each night to ask him what his favorite part of the day was, what he is most thankful for, and to thank God each night for the blessings of his choosing.  We pray for our family and friends, his classmates and teachers.  Jack still remembers to pray for my girlfriend Katie’s baby girl Natalia each night even though he’s only played with her twice.  Tonight we even prayed for the grass & the gravel.  We like to be inclusive around here.  I wrote about my intention to help Jack & Jamison turn gratitude into prayer earlier this summer.  The last two nights I put Jack to bed he asked me what my favorite part of the day was before I could even ask him what his was.  How rewarding it is to feel that every now and again something sinks in.  For the record, my favorite thing yesterday was watching my dad hold the boys hands as they played outside and walked down their long driveway together.  Jack on one side & Jamison on the other – three peas in a pod.  Mom and I actually snuck in a good half hour of uninterrupted conversation then, too.

Now, I’m patiently waiting for my husband to come home from work and have a nightcap with me.  Bloody Mary’s possibly?



I think Tim Allen should narrate your blog, it made me tear up a bit. I would probably be a blubbering mess if he read it aloud!


You’re so right! Anything he reads immediately turns to poetry. I love him.


Love reading this. .. love you!


Thanks Amy p, I love you, too!


Will you blog my life so I have will have such great memories like you?! Funny how our favorite summer past times have changed in the last 4 years…can we say boat;) Ha!


Ah yes, our favorite summer activities have definitely changed. ;0)

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