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Summer is like a child

We need haircuts.  And the winter wheat is all gone.
Jack has preschool open house this week and Jamison has a new pair of kicks for fall.
Summer is like a child.  The more we urge her to slow down and stand still, the faster she seems to slip away.

And like everything else in life, summer didn’t go exactly as I planned.  My mind’s eye saw a couple of things going differently.  There are loads of things I didn’t get done, but the unplanned events that squeezed in between the planned proved to be some of my favorites.  The blessings of meeting a new cousin and receiving a 6 page letter from my Great Aunt Glenna about my sweet Grandma Frances – pure sunshine and honey.

My friend Sarah and I enjoyed the Elkhorn Flea Market this weekend and I feel a major case of back to school nesting coming on.  Reorganizing the boys clothes and completing a couple of my “I can’t ever seem to get these things done” projects.  Some that are so close to being done, some half done and brand new ones that are floating around in my brain trying to crowd out the others.  Do you ever have that unexpected free hour in the middle of a day or night and are panicked with what to do with it?  Ten minutes in, I’m still contemplating all the ways I could use said hour.

I have my fingers crossed for a prolific abundance of tomatoes yet.  And the full steam ahead baking will kick back into gear again soon.  We’ve had all summer and the boys and I have only managed to eek out 2 batches of cookies (#10 chocolate cookie cutouts and #11 cream-filled chocolate sandwiches).  My mixer is sitting silent in the cabinet layered with flour and cocoa powder wondering if I’ve forgotten the curve of her handle.  Who needs a fancy standup mixer when the boys can spin the simple handheld round and around and around?

And when life hands you lemons, a 2×4 and plank – improvise and make a teeter totter.  Smiles guaranteed.

Happy Monday y’all.

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