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Sometimes it’s the trees

Sometimes the road bends to meet you, sometimes it’s the trees.

The road and the trees are finally starting to bend – if just a little – towards us. Enough bend to give hope at least, to a waiting heart.

I don’t know what it is, but sitting down to review the photos of our day versus my mind’s review of the day is always kinder and gentler to my soul. My mind’s default edit is set to gloss over the positive things, but my photos gravitate solely toward them. My mind’s default focal length is set to look far down the road, panoramic style toward every possible worry and anticipation. My photos easily zoom in to focus on the touchable, the here and now.

It’s hard to cram worry into less than 1/1000th of a second intervals.

Sometimes it’s a struggle to take a challenging day and find the joy in it, but the pictures always help. A couple of magic minutes during the day vs. an entire diem of happiness is a worthy and realistic goal. Sure, I could take pictures of my kids imperfect moments and challenging behavior, but my mind is already giving those things too much weight. I need a counter balance so I literally don’t spill over and stake a permanent claim in worry and fear’s territory.

It’s like reviewing your wedding pictures. You remember what you were doing and feeling all day, but it’s fulfilling to look at what everyone else was doing and feeling all day. Your mind’s eye can only take in so much visual information, but your emotional receptors are always flooded with too much information muddling things up. But a picture? It’s just one split second in time. One frozen glimpse you can stop and really focus on.

I know they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but if you compared one image to the clutter in my brain – hands down – the picture has fewer words every time.

I’ve discovered it’s good to have a bucket on a walk this time of year. You never know what treasures you’ll discover. Pockets and little fingers can only carry so much.

I hope you had a productive and meaningful week.

Thank you for coming here to read my little blog. I do so appreciate you sharing a little joy with me each week.

And one more little note – I finally joined Instagram this summer (you know, years after all the cool kids did it). If you are already on Instagram, let’s be friends. You can find me here.

If you’re not, I find it to be quite a lovely little piece of visual happy each day. Every post is an image with words, not just words. People seem more accessible and easier to reach on Instagram. Plus, there are so many wise and creative souls out there making and doing and writing beautiful things. It’s a wonderful way to fill up your creative and spiritual wells.

If you’re interested, here are just a couple of Instagramers sure to make you smile on a daily basis:

  1. The Nester
  2. Enjoying the Small Things
  3. Ann Voskamp
  4. Amy Sinibaldi
  5. Dig This Chick

Please let me know as well if there is anyone else out there who brightens your spirit on Instagram that I just have to check out.

Finding joy in pictures this week. Grateful for each rectangular, 540,000 pixel, image of joy I eked out of an ordinary week.

Restful weekend blessings friends.



Jenny, God has been talking to my heart about clearing the worry from my soul, and it’s not an easy task. Today He used you to help. Thank you!


You always say the sweetest things. Yes, I empathize with you completely. I have been quite the worrier as of late. I so wish I could take that all away – for you and for me.
Love you!

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