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Shine on November

I’ve had Sarah McLachlan’s new Shine On album set to repeat on Spotify as I worked this week and last – click, clack, clicking on my computer and checking tasks off my list. I was going to share my favorite songs with you, but umm, they’re all my favorite. I am a bad favorite picker.

The week her Afterglow cd released in 2003, I rushed to the store after work to get my hands on a copy. I dashed home, ripped off the Fort Knox plastic with the super annoying sticky tape and plopped myself down on the couch to listen to it – in its entirety – in the dark, on a Friday night. You know, because you can hear better in the dark. And that’s what cool people do on a Friday night when they’re single.

Give it a go, it’ll make you happy – I promise. All of it. A sampler for you my friends:

So, after the seriousness that was my last post, I feel compelled to tell you part of the weight I was feeling from our situation has lifted and I’m feeling lighter about things. More resigned to reality, but less worried about it. Sometimes we need the heavy to appreciate the light.

So onward to shining some light on a few November happies.

My family is letting us host Thanksgiving again this year, which can only mean we didn’t screw it up too much last year. With one year under our belt, I’m feeling confident we can pull it off again. Hopefully, we remember all the nitpickery that went into frying the turkey. In all honesty, even though when done right this method of cooking the turkey is delicious, my main draw to this method is the fact that this makes my husband Mr. turkey and booze guy and me Mrs. everything else gal. Titles that work well in our house on Thanksgiving. Gobble, gobble.

I found an email I sent to myself last year shortly before Thanksgiving and it listed everyone in the family and a few words about why I was most thankful for them. My intention was to write them up and give them to everyone on Thanksgiving day, but as with so many of my little ideas, I ran out of time. But, I think it is no coincidence I found them again. We have to love up on our people while we can.

November is a month of family and planning and pure coziness. And, even though we got our first snowfall of the year this weekend, every so often we get a couple of really beautiful warm-up days in the mix with unseasonably warm weather in the 50’s, where the wise Wisconsonites get out and hang up all their outdoor Christmas decorations and have them at the ready for Thanksgiving night. I hope we haven’t missed our window already.

Before the snow and before the corn was harvested, we did get outside and soak up as much of the mild temperatures as we could.

Tis the season for making memories and loving our people. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, his love endures forever. ~ Psalm 107:1

Happy pinning, planning and loving up on your people, friends.

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