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Real men track down wild grasses for you

It was Jason’s birthday Thursday. The boys and I made dinner and apple cake for our patriarch. We had big plans to go out Saturday night and celebrate, but with the kids still acclimating to new schedules and the first full week of school under our belt, we decided it might not be the best parenting move to drop them off at grandma and grandpa’s for the night. They would have been welcomed with open arms, I’m sure of it, and the status report the next morning would have read something like this, they were perfect, really. But emotions were running high and home seemed like the most calm, peaceful place to be.

In lieu of a night on the town, Jason was probably just thrilled to catch a quick nap after a long week.

And I think it was a wise decision to stay in.

Sunday morning church went relatively smoothly, minus the constant goading of the 3 very well-behaved children behind us by Jamison, and Jack’s desire to do whatever the opposite thing was we were supposed to be doing. Oh, the congregation is sitting, I think I’ll stand. Oh, the congregation is kneeling, I think I’ll lay on the pew. I’m just chalking it up in the win column because the homily was excellent and Jamison did not go kicking and squirming up for communion screaming, put me down and I don’t want to go. That was two weeks ago. All I could do was smile – laugh really. You know, that awkward I want the floor to open and swallow me whole nervous kind of laugh. Been there?

After the summer off from decorating church, this week the fall decorations go up. One of my absolute favorite times of the year to decorate. In September, it’s not hard to find beautiful things to use in nature. Around here, many of our ditches and open fields have tons of different wild flowers, weeds and vines to use. The grass we use most often for church looks amazing if you can catch it before the rain hits. And depending on when you pick this particular grass, it spans the gamut in color from plum to purple to slate.

So after church yesterday, Jason and I took the boys on an adventure to hunt down some of these grasses.

One of my all time favorite bumper stickers is “Real men love Jesus,” but coming in at a close second, I might coin, “Real men track down wild grasses for you.”

So, thank you Jason. Thank you for helping with all my crazy schemes. The ones that involve standing on very, very tall ladders in frigid weather to move that outdoor wreath 3 inches to the left because it’s not quite center. The ones that involve carrying really heavy vases up and down church stairs because I can’t quite decide where I like it better. Thank you for not grumbling (most of the time) and for not randomly throwing things away (except for those 2 lovely pink chairs that one time).

You are amazing, and I – am – lucky. Jack and Jamison are lucky. I’m so thankful we get to do this one crazy life thing with you.

Last week was a bit chaotic, but I’m hoping this one might bring a little smoother sailing.

Jack’s letter of the week in school for show and tell is “A.”

A is for Acorn
A is for Apple
A is for Amazing wild grasses!

I know, corny right? Well, I am now using made up bumper sticker slogans as post titles.

Anyone else have any “Real men” bumper stickers you’d like to credit your dad, friend, brother or significant other with? I’d love to hear them. Plus, it would make me feel less crazy. I told my husband the other day some of my best friends are the ones who make me feel the least crazy. I find it comforting to know there are other crazy people out there.

Happy Monday friends.

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