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Pretty little October things

After the crash and burn that was our last cookie attempt, this weekend we made chocolate crackles #16.
They turned out gorgeous. Almost, too pretty to eat-but not quite.
I’ve been boosting my autumn spirits with all the pretty little October things. And a couple of early holiday things, too.

Pumpkins, chocolate and measuring stick stars.

Pinecones, cupids and little boy cookie messes.

Bundled wheat, chalkboards and apples.
My favorite color is October.

I’ve even been sneaking in a couple of early Christmas projects, too.

Ever since I made my first ornament wreath in January, I’ve been selectively picking up vintage ornaments here and there, eager to make another one. I’ve collected quite the stash. Since it was sometimes months between when I would happen across some more ornaments I started forgetting exactly how many I had accumulated. A couple of weeks ago, I pulled them all out of hiding and had Jack help me organize them by color. Since each wreath takes about 80-100 ornaments, I had quite the hall collected. I think I have enough ornaments to do 2 more wreaths if I wanted. But, they would also look really pretty in glass jars or, you know… hanging on the tree. We’ll see.

Inspired by all the blue in my life as an official boy mom, I thought these icy blue turquoise, silver and gold ornaments looked really pretty together. This time I added some silver beading throughout for a little extra sparkle.

I don’t know exactly where I’ll be hanging this, but I’m so excited it’s done. And, I can’t decide which one I like better, this one, or the original one I tackled. You can find instructions here, if you like.

I even finished Jamison’s stocking this summer. I started it in January also and just plunked away at it a little each week. Mostly, in the colder months, watching reruns of Antique Roadshow & PBS specials while the boys napped. Remember where I started?

Here it is. All ready for St. Nick to stuff with goodies.

Happy Tuesday friends.

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