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One last hurrah for 2014

2014 is still lurking around in just the right corners of our home. I took the tree down Sunday, but holly and evergreen still lounge loose and casual in certain nooks and crannies of our kitchen. Holiday cards are still cheering up our red wall and empty boxes along with recently gifted toys are still very much strewn around with little attempt to calm the clutter just yet.

We’ve had the most time off in the last two weeks I can recall ever and I’m happy to say that my incessant urge for productivity was drowned out with some much-needed R&R. We put together puzzles, played games and watched movies. All I have to say about it is… ahhh.

One last hurrah for 2014 in pictures before I go.

And a link to one of my favorite year-end reflection lists. I started answering these 10 questions two years ago, and it is one of my most favorite things to go back and read each year. Last year I added 3 questions of my own. It’s even more lovely and encouraging to remind ourselves of how far we’ve come when we feel like the previous year was a bit stagnant or not quite what we anticipated.

Goodbye 2014, hello to the crisp, blank pages of 2015.

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