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Old friends & a cardboard box

We had a beautiful dinner with old friends this weekend. The kind of friends that know your backstory… heck they are your backstory. Women I met when I was 14, scared, shy, awkward and the proud owner of some really big blonde curly hair.

We masterfully weaved in and out of meaningful conversation as our children popped in and out of the house needing more milk, another hot dog and just one more sandbox toy.  The constant screech and slide of the screen door provided the backdrop of our chat.  The blessing of friendships that begin this early in life?  Trust and respect are already established, so catching up is like stopping at a refueling station for instant bonding, laughter and contentedness. Great girlfriends fill us up in ways that illuminate our need for shared experiences.  It’s so good to have company in the categories of having imperfect children and being imperfect parents.  We may be doing these things in different cities or states, but we’re living them parallel to each other.  When circumstances permit, we vowed to cross over and refuel again.

After all the colorful sippy cups were drained and askew, and empty bottles lined the counter, it felt really good to reconnect with old friends.  It is so rewarding to see how happily ever after plays out in the lives of those you knew at such a pivotal stage.  It may look different from the outside, but from the inside, just a couple of women loving their children in the best possible way they know how.  So much the same.  Seeing people I love, love their babies, is so good.  And, to love their babies because first I have loved them, an amazing bonus.  What a beautiful way to start off Mother’s Day weekend.

We have lots of new spunk and silly faces now.  I swear I didn’t teach them any of these, but they make me smile.

Sunday morning my Mother’s Day present from the boys awaited me on our sunny little deck off the kitchen.  A cardboard box of green joy… tomato plants, peppers and more.  Finally, a garden of our own to start.  After church we dragged the boys to the garden center to pick up a couple more plants and some seed packets.  We plotted a rough plan, dug the plants in and sowed the seeds.  Tamped off the seeds with a firm press in the ground and had the boys gently water our fragile little plants.  If even half of these tomato plants thrive, I promise I’ll have you all over for salsa and bruschetta this summer.  Maybe some caprese salads, yum.  Best Mother’s Day gift – ever – besides the precious ones themselves of course.

Sunday afternoon rolled in with cloudy skies, a sprinkling of rain and long naps.  It rolled out with high balls, grilling, family and laughter.  The perfect storm of laid back celebration and content kiddos.  No fuse, no muse entertaining.

And, just a little peak at the baby birds we hear chirping out our bedroom window each morning.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Is it Friday yet?

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