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My cup runneth over … with tea.

I’m waiting at the helm, with a laughable sense of control, for when the reemergence of my creative, manic-nesting, alter ego self will come to life once more. The insomnia of excitement mixed with oh good Lord what have I gotten myself into, spilling over into honey-do lists and reading my 10,000 baby names book cover to cover again. The last time my alter ego appeared, I was quite fond of her zeal for paint swatches, fabric samples and purging, but the hours she kept and her methods of conduct probably could have used some tidying up themselves.

I am also quite certain Jason is not eagerly awaiting the return of his reorganizing, redecorating, alphabetizing the kids’ books again fool of a wife. Alas, as sure as the tulips will follow the snow, she’ll spring into action soon enough I wager.

But for now, I’m enjoying all things slow and quiet. I’ve been keeping company with Mary and the gang of Downton Abbey when I can’t sleep and I’ve started on baby #3’s Christmas stocking. If I address you as my lady or my lord or speak of dinner jackets and other quite dreadful things, my advance apologies. I’ve watched all 4 seasons of Downton Abbey in the span of 3 weeks and now I find myself craving large pots of tea and a lady’s maid. Since the likelihood of the lady’s maid is slim to none, there’s always a good cup of tea to savor.

We spent a weekend in Galena, where it was so cold, we mostly did a lot of this.

Add more tea, working on the baby’s stocking and eating copious amounts of delicious homemade food at the Inn and it was a lovely getaway. Doing nothing, never looked and felt so good.

The snow came and went, but we spent lots of time outdoors when the weather permitted, which makes for happy, content boys and thus, a happy, content mama.

Last Monday, we laid the church bare of all the red and gold Christmas decorations still hanging about. We wrapped up all the nativity pieces again for next year and lugged all manner of trees and stables to the attic. What a wonderful team we had this year to bring my crazy ideas to life.

These horns were one of my favorite pieces up in church this year. My mom recreated 4 of these lovely arrangements with the framed Madonna and child in each one. The perfect combination of vintage treasure, timeless art and Christmas red.

My other favorite piece was this beautiful chalkboard on the altar. My friend Renee created it and it added such a breath of fresh air to such well-known and joyful lyrics.

To be able to take something I enjoy so much and weave it into time spent with loved ones honoring God is so great a gift, my cup runneth over. A million thank you’s to all the friends and family that helped make the church environment beautiful, relevant and prayerful last year – especially my mom who is always full of new ideas and willing to go along with my very often inarticulately explained ideas, too.

The new gallery is up for Christmas 2014 (along with Easter 2014 and the remaining church seasons of last year).

Now, I shall go forth, make some tea and continue to enjoy the last few weeks of unproductive me and my sane, soon to be insane husband.

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