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Humbly practicing gratitude with you dear reader

I always liked the idea of keeping a journal, but I was never very good at being disciplined enough to be consistent with it, for it to be purposeful.  It seemed each time I put pen to paper, my stream of consciousness about the day just came out flat, rambling and trivial.  I was most compelled to write when I was emotionally fraught about something, not necessarily happy or appreciative of something.  There was no joy in it except to get some yucky feelings off my chest, but quite frankly I never wanted to read those passages again because they didn’t energize me, they only depleted me.  They just reminded me of things I would really prefer to forget, to leave on paper, not in the forefront of my heart.

The thing about writing here is that I try to primarily write about things that bring joy and amplify gratitude.  The most blessed side effect of this type of writing is that it has me constantly thinking and brainstorming about all the wonderful things in life and more importantly, all the wonderful people in my life.  This subtle shift in focus has made me more content than I have been in years.  I say subtle because I always believed myself to be grateful and content with life’s simple pleasures, but something about the art of documenting these things has elevated their presence in my life.  It has imprinted them on me in ways I would not have predicted.  It helps me frame the more challenging moments within a bigger context of rewarding ones.  Maybe it’s a space thing?  It leaves less room for discontent and uneasiness to squirm their way in, when all the good stuff is pushing it out.

My dear, sweet friend Jenny recommended I check out a website called a holy experience.  It is authored by the writer Ann Voskamp.  I just ordered her book “One Thousand Gifts,” and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.  I’m sure many of you have either heard of it or read it.  It was on the NY Times bestseller list for over a year.  I love Lysa Terkeurst’s review of the book, she says the book will, “mess with you in the most beautiful ways.”  I’m sort of kicking myself right now for not paying Amazon’s up charge to get it here in 2 days instead of 7-10.  Ann writes beautifully on her site about family and Christianity from a woman’s point of view.  And, her book is about appreciating the here and now.  And, I do.  So, thank you for coming here and for practicing gratitude with me.  It’s much more fun together.

I have more pictures than words for you today, but there is so much beauty to behold in nature this time of year, I think pictures express our finding joy moments better than any of my words would.

So, without further ado… Up in the sky, up so high!

What could be better than apples and our beloved cousin Lainey?

Kisses for Jack!

Ready, Set ….


Silly Faces… go, go, go!

I love these little people, so much.

Our gorgeous fall weather is here.  Sunny, warm, breezy and colorful.  It’s hard not to go outside this time of year without breathing in all that crisp, delicious fall air and grinning from ear to ear.

So, what is making you smile these days?  And, what wonderful fall plans do you have for this weekend?  Please share if you’re so inclined.  I would love to hear about them.

Whatever it may be, I hope you enjoy!



Love what you said about journaling and perspective. I feel that way about photography, too. It seems when I see the world through my camera lens I am looking more intently for the beauty in everything I see. So after years of lugging my camera around and taking billions of pictures I find that I sometimes see the world in terms of potential photographs even without the lens. Life is so beautiful. I am glad when I remember to see it.


Thanks Cassadie. I couldn’t agree with you more. I do find myself “framing” certain moments into mental polaroids. Certain moments you just want to catalog and pull out later.

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