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Hello October, we’ve missed you

If finding joy & sharing beauty had a signature flavor it would be a toss-up between pumpkin spice and hot apple cider.

Signature scent? I’m going to go with sugar cookies.
Signature flower? The sunflower of course.
Signature color? You guessed it, yellow.
Signature ingredient? You know it’s butter.
Signature month? October.

October is all these happy, homey little things wrapped up into one cozy snuggle by the fire under a giant flannel throw.

Week 1 of the best two weeks in Wisconsin is now under our belt and week 2 is upon us. I know you don’t need this list, but just in case, a couple more happy little thoughts to add even more skip in your step. Here’s a list of ten things making practicing gratitude and filling up the creative well easy as pie this week.

It’s easy to seek out joy and beauty in October – it’s everywhere you look.

1.) Corn fields ~ The wheat’s been harvested long ago, but the corn fields still look gorgeous from top to bottom, inside & out. And the barn peeking out above it, I may be biased, but I do think possibly one of the most photogenic barns around. Just sayin.

2.) Abandoned boots ~ Every time I turn around, Jack has his shoes off faster than I can say, sassafras. Bare feet in the sandbox, dodging acorns running through the lawn, this one is soaking up every last cubic inch of warm earth before winter.

3.) Apples by the bushel ~ Sure this family of four can devour 2 bags of apples in a week. Bring it on.

4.) New parks to explore ~ The boys were completely convinced there was a kitty in that there barn, peeking in the crack of the door, ear to the wall.

5.) a. – Newsstands stocked with autumn inspiration. I haven’t bought a new magazine in so long, I admit I did a double take not at the celebrity magazine, but at this issue of Martha Stewart living. Who really cares about the 100 most beautiful people? I want to read about Martha’s 93 wise ideas for fall. When I got back to my car, I instinctively pulled the magazine out of the bag and sniffed it. That lovely new, crisp, commercial printing aroma. This is part of the reason I am Nook averse. Give me a gorgeous, glossy, physical copy of a magazine or book any day. Plus, I’m a highlighter. I like to leave a mark in my books.

5.) b. – Even though it’s been unseasonable warm here, I pulled out my Pocahontas boots 2 weeks ago and declared even if my feet are hot, they can still look fall-ish. And, they make a cool swishing sound when I walk, which maybe makes them less Pocahontas and more fringe cowgirl. Whatevs.

6.) Little boys who ride tractors with daddy & literally ride off into the sunset together.

7.) Pick a pumpkin, any pumpkin ~ I confess I had a hard time letting the boys pick out their own pumpkins. I was trying to slyly do a little steering. “Oh look Jamison, this one is really cool!” You know the long-stemmed, perfectly proportioned one. No worries, my husband was one to me, and scolded me rightfully so. Love that Jamison picked this funky, green pumpkin. It looks perfectly, imperfect sitting in the bird bath in front of our house.

8.) Weathervanes against bright blue marble skies.

9.) Nosy cows and boys loading up pumpkins and gourds like a boss.

10.) And last but not least, Thursdays with mama.

Happy fall y’all!

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