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Happy birthday, little blog

One year ago today, I rolled my cursor over to the big blue button in the corner of my blog that read, Publish.  I hovered my cursor over the button, turning my cursor’s white arrow into a white glove, pointing the way.  I paused, like I had never sent an email or posted a status.  Clicking publish meant, your heart and your words were out there forever, floating around in a sea of other words and other hearts.  And, I’m so glad I still decided yes, just jump.

I picked the title of this blog, like I picked a college major.  I couldn’t decide.  I wanted it to be inspiring, happy, all-encompassing.  I wanted to talk about everything, learn from it all.  No putting baby in a corner.  So, my indecision lead me to a double major in finding joy and sharing beauty.  At the suggestion of my sweet friend Abby, I named the blog what I wanted to talk about – instead of some made up word or alliterated nonsense.  And, Finding Joy & Sharing Beauty was born.  She’s one today.  Hooray!!  Commence confetti throwing and party hat wearing!

And, since we never miss a chance to have a party or celebrate a birthday in this house.  The boys and I made cupcakes.  With sprinkles.

And, we made a wish.  Well, a couple of wishes really.  Wishes for you, for coming here and sharing your time and thoughts this past year.

We wished for many more birthdays for you and your dreams.
We wished for more joy in the practice of gratitude.
We wished for more sharing what inspires us, to fill up each others’ wells.
We wished for continued rejoicing with those who rejoice and empathy for those in need (Romans 12:15).

And, we wished for more cupcakes, because who doesn’t want more cupcakes?

But we couldn’t stop there.  So, we bought a couple of balloons.  Yellow balloons, because yellow makes me smile.  It makes me want to break out into you are my sunshine, my only sunshine…

You make me happy, when skies are gray,
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you…

Please don’t take my sunshine away.
Something about singing that song, it gets me every time.

Today also happens to be my mom’s birthday.  My first post was for her, words about how much I adore her: Lessons from Nancy.  The learning never stops.  My love and admiration only grow.

And just for the record.  If the acronym for this little blog was an acceptable answer in scrabble, it would be a 16-pointer, baby.  Triple score that little devil and it might just be a game winner.

Thank you so much for coming here when you can.  I so cherish all your encouragement and comments.

Happy birthday mom, and happy birthday little blog.  Happy first day of summer, too.
Finding joy in all of you, today.


Sue Edge

Happy Birthday FJSB and Nancy!!!!


A wonderful birthday to FJSB! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and seeing pictures of the boys. You are one very talented lady Jenny. Thank you for sharing a little of you with all of us!



Congratulations on one-year of joy and beauty and sharing life! You inspire me!


Happy birthday to my friends other baby! Just like a child your writing and style continue to grow and amaze me. Each entry becoming a new favorite. So proud and happy for you hon!


happy birthday!!! Amazing writing and pictures, my friend. Thank you for fjsb! 🙂

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