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Gone Fishing

It’s been an easygoing little summer.  Nothing wild and crazy, just laid-back and simple.  We didn’t have much planned at the start, but each weekend seems to fill itself up with a good balance of outdoor fun, relaxation and catch up.  Dinner plans and play dates fall into place and we get together with friends and family whenever we can.  I love that.  And sometimes, it is the last minute, unexpected get-togethers that really prove the most enjoyable.  Oh, you’re free?  Yes, we’re free, too.  Let’s get together.

The pumpkins are coming along nicely, greener and more substantial than just a few weeks ago.  I’m really enjoying watching them grow.  Jack & Jamison helped daddy and Grandpa Joe rototill back and forth around the pumpkin vines.  Then, up and down the tidy rows of Grandpa’s maple trees.  Jack was using a small rolling hand tiller that he pushed parallel to Grandpa and Jamison on the tractor.  He was very focused on the task at hand and had this very purposeful look on his face.  At one point he stopped, wiped his brow with the back of his hand and sighed as he looked down the remaining path to be tilled.  With more field ahead of him than behind, he said nothing, but the look on his face was priceless.  Man, this is a lot of work… and man, Grandpa has a lot of trees.

Grandpa got down off the tractor to move some of the vines a bit so Jason could rototill around them and Jamison got right down beside him checking the plants out as well.  Very serious hobby farmers, these boys.

One week later and the area looked like this.  Bare feet running in the soft, loose, weed-free dirt.

Last Monday we added another item to our list of Jack’s firsts this year.  We took the boys fishing and I was amazed at how patient Jack was.  There are so few things that really hold his attention for long periods of time and I so adore those rare moments just watching him concentrate on something he’s really digging.

He intently watched Jason open up the small Styrofoam, dirt-packed box of worms, pull one out and twist it around his hook.

He held the pole tightly just like daddy showed him and he attentively watched the water and waited.  He wanted so badly to see or feel some action on the other end of that pole.

It was a beautiful, peaceful night on the water.  We didn’t get there until about 6:30 pm.  The sun hung low in the sky and the breeze kept the mosquitos at bay.  It was wonderful to relax, watch my boys and have a beer.

After a couple of false tugs, one repositioning of the boat, and the one that got away, Grandma Gail caught the first of two fish we would catch and release that day.  It wasn’t big or the makings of a fish story, but it was a fish by golly.  A real, live fish!

We were all motivated to have Jack catch at least one fish his first trip out, so we kept at it.  And, Jack continued to wait, so patiently.  He wasn’t interested in any of the dinner or snacks I had packed to eat, he was determined.  He wanted to catch a fish.

So often when you take little people on new adventures, you know it will be fun, but a little part of you just holds your breath because you’re not exactly sure how it is all going to go down.  Are we going to have a temper tantrum because we didn’t have a long enough nap?  Are we going to be scared of the water, the worms, the fish?  Will I be chasing them around the boat the entire time unable to relax because I’m sure they are going to plummet into the water?

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a tad bit worried about any of these possible outcomes from time to time.  But who would ever leave their house with toddlers if we succumbed to this occasional apprehension?  Most of the time these worries are all for not, but 1 or 2 incidents can leave you retreating to the hills in a hurry.  Not wanting to rear your or their little heads for a couple of weeks.  But, Jack and Jamison did so good.  Jamison was for the most part content to just sit on the bench, happily munching down all of his dinner, and Jack’s dinner for that matter, since Jack had no interest in it.  He was just soaking it all in.

And Jack, I was so proud of Jack.  He was mellow and unruffled.  Two things that don’t always occur with these little whirlybirds of energy.

And, then it happened.  He got a bite.  And then he got excited, but he was in total control of his actions.  He calmly started reeling the fish in, watching it come closer and closer.  He didn’t squeal, he didn’t get nervous, he just reeled that baby in like it was the 101st fish he caught.  Not, the 1st.  My little fisherman was cool, calm and collected.

He reached out for the fish without hesitation and said, “ouch.”  He tried to grab him from the fin side.  Jason said excitedly, “Jack, it’s a bluegill!”  To which Jack replied, “no daddy, it’s green.”  Well said Jack, point taken.  It’s a green bluegill!  And, then in one swift motion, daddy threw it back into the water and off it went.  Go find your dad Nemo.

It was close to 8:00 pm by the time Jack caught his fish, but mission fishing was accomplished.  So proud of my boy!

In addition to that, we’ve been finding joy in a couple of other places around home lately.

Driveway Art & Abstract Hopscotch

Brotherly Love

And, probably against my better judgment, I let Jack take some pictures with my camera.  I put the strap over his head and around his arm and let him snap a couple shots of Jamison and I.  The camera was far too heavy for him to keep upright and you know, actually aimed at us for too long, but here are a couple of his best shots.  Gotta love digital technology.  I don’t think I would have enjoyed paying for the development of the 20 or so shots he took of our feet or the grass.

Have a greet week everybody!


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