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Glitter & Oats

Wiping hands on apron and counters with cloth, I could see them out on the deck. Jack carrying his ziplock baggie of reindeer food, Jason still in his work boots and Jamison obediently tagging along. They were discussing the finer strategies of reindeer food placement – a path from our house to grandma’s, some in the back yard (not the front) and of course, some on the roof where Santa’s sleigh would land. The oatmeal mixed with glitter was perfect to fill Dasher’s belly and reflect light from Rudolph’s nose. Daddy lifted up Jack first, baggie and all to throw some food on the roof. Next, Jamison’s still chubby little hand grabbed a handful of glitter and oats, then up daddy raised him to the roof.

With all the list making and planning of Christmas, I feel calmed by the organization, but inspired by the unexpected surprises. Kids are the best cure for a plan. They’ll stretch it and ignore it and laugh out loud at the ridiculousness of even your best laid plans. And as much as practicality will allow, yielding to their plan every now and then, is worth the divesting of a finally crafted list. Their plan and His plan always bring forth more imagination and magic than my own.

We laid out cookies for Santa and laid baby Jesus in the manager. We opened gifts under the tree and lit birthday candles for our newborn king. The balance between legend and legendary felt right. The mingling of awe and wonder, of childhood and Bethlehem’s Childall swam in the same pool, as synchronized as possible.

I didn’t finish making the boys’ ornaments yet. But, I did relinquish the things I didn’t get done with little guilt, reminding myself our Creator didn’t give himself to us, that I should create my own Christmas fanfare at the expense of joy and patient waiting.

The things I did get done though, they gifted me with this face below on Christmas morning. And a sweet happy birthday song to our Lord and Savior.

After breakfast and presents we made our way to my parent’s house where we merrily ate, drank and put together little kids’ toys with ample help from cousins, uncles and daddy.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday with your family. Let the festivities continue this weekend!

Merry Christmas all!

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