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Finding Joy: Memorial Day Weekend

Our weekend rolled together like one elongated game of summertime skee-ball, minus the vibrant arcade vibe and must wash hands now compulsion.  Not a lot of planning, just a lot of – sure, we can do that.  We dropped our tokens in the slot, and all 9 rowdy wooden balls released, channeling down the ramp.  Click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, ready… here we go.
Roll #1 – Park with mama:  10 points.

Roll #2 – Planting annuals with cold beer in hand:  20 points.
Roll #3 – Making rivers in the sandbox:  30 points.

Roll #4 – Memorial Day Parade:  40 points.
Roll #5 – Dinner with friends:  50 points.
Roll #6 – Boating with family:  50 points.

Lucky Roll # 7 – Sleeping baby in my arms:  100 points.  winner winner chicken dinner, baby

Wait a minute, I still have 2 more balls left to play you say.
Roll #8 – Sweaty babies in diapers only:  10 points
Roll #9 – Brothers colluding for good and not evil.  “I spying” the gold bug together:  30 points

If my math adds up… I think we scored one sweet weekend.  Now, who’s got another token?

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