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Finding Joy: Boys being boys

Little boys should never be put to bed, they always wake up a day older. ~ Peter Pan

Even before we arrived, his list of sought after books grew… Pokémon, Scooby-Doo, Minecraft. Somewhere along the way, a wise soul told me if you want to cultivate a child’s love of books, you should not only guide him to the books you want him to read, but encourage him to seek out the books that inspire him, too.

The librarian rattled off the Minecraft section by memory. “You’re looking for section 794.8 GAM, but I don’t think you’re going to find anything. Most of the Minecraft books are out.”

Ah, but there was one left, and we found it.
“I am SO lucky! Best day ever,” Jack said.

He hasn’t let go of the book since. As their passions develop and evolve, I get to learn all sorts of boyish things I would never have been privy to otherwise.

For instance, did you know, Minecraft is a game about building things with blocks, but at night monsters come out? And, your foundation ought be structurally sound for effective shelter. Since we’re not big on video games, we created our own Minecraft world with wooden blocks, a Fischer Price castle and a plastic box as one’s portal to the Nether. Also, potion bottles fashioned from Legos work, too.

Some of my other favorite boys being boys moments of late:

Finding joy in little boy boots, Levi’s and shy stances with hands in pockets. A la you been farmin long? chatter.

This smile, the one my husband gets when his dimples are deep and his bright eyes are scrunched up tight. It’s the smile he involuntarily reserves for pride, sincerity and joy.

Leprechaun traps – Jack moved his trap to the bedroom over night and added a chocolate egg for extra enticement, because what tiny imaginary figure doesn’t love chocolate?

And after 30,441 minutes nursing Jonah, we now get to enjoy more moments like this. Jamison’s a pro. Yep, there’s an app for that. And, I did do the math: 30,441 minutes nursing = 507 hours = 21 days = 3 weeks.

And when I told Jonah I was looking forward to more sleep in the future, this was his response. Take from it what you will.

Hoping to be here more regularly friends. You know with all that newfound rest I’m going to get.

Happy weekending!


Sue Anton

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this latest blog. Missed reading them, but certainly know how busy you are (which is an understatement). The baby is precious!!!

Love you


Thanks Sue! I missed writing them, too! I’m hoping to sneak a couple more in now that baby boy is finally sleeping through the night. I hope you and Ron are doing well. Love you, too!


Yep! Minecraft is not going away😄 I remember my oldest being in love with the game before it got huge and everyone knew about it. Now Graesyn loves it. If you like, I may have some Pokémon guide books in my Goodwill box I can grab out for your boys…might even have a few posters too 👍🏻 My boys have moved on to other things like Anime and WWE 😍


Yes, I’m always a little hesitant about all of these things until I figure out what they really are. All my childhood experience with Barbie and My Little Pony doesn’t do me much good here. Yes, if you have a couple Pokémon books, I’m sure Jack would love that! Thanks Meena!!

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