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Dreaming of spring colors, cuddly babies and happy boys

There are a million other things I should be doing right now, but dinner is in the crock pot, the 5th load of laundry is rumbling in the dryer and the boys are napping soundly in their beds. I leave tomorrow for a weekend retreat with my girlfriend Jenny who I don’t get to see nearly enough, so I wanted to pop in before I check out for a couple of days.

I’ve written 4 new posts in the last month I have yet to finish or publish. They’re waiting idly by in my drafts column, while I become distracted with some new line of thinking, mostly lovely, sometimes melancholy. The melancholy thoughts chase me around in the dark at night when I can’t sleep. The lovely take charge with the sun.

You forget about all the pregnancy things over time, especially when that sweet baby arrives. I forgot about the insomnia that strikes (at least for me) with the coming of the 3rd trimester. I toss on repeat from one side to the other like a lopsided pancake on the griddle waiting to bubble up with signs of a being done.

What will I do without new episodes of Downton Abbey to distract me at 3 am?

There is still plenty of snow on the ground for March, but we’re finding joy inside these days while we wait for warmer temperatures and longer days.

We’re finding joy:
Decorating for Spring

Painting with our water colors.

Dreaming about cuddly babies with froggy feet and sweet-smelling heads.

New sheets for the boys.
Planning their combined birthday party.
The prospect of daylights savings time this weekend.
And, brothers who get giddy and giggly just by looking at each other with a silly face these days.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. And don’t forget to spring forward!


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