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Church Decorating

The church decorations at St. Charles Church are updated about 10 times each year in accordance with the Catholic Liturgical Calendar.

Below are the main calendar events we decorate for and the corresponding colors that represent them.  In addition to these dates, we also pay special tribute to our country’s veterans on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day by displaying the flag, flowers and special plaques.

I hope you enjoy the collection of images I have added here for your reference.

More will be coming soon!

  • Ordinary Time (Winter) – Green
  • Lent – Purple
  • Palm Sunday – Red & Palms
  • Holy Thursday – White
  • Easter – White, Gold & Pastels
  • Pentecost – Red
  • Ordinary Time (Summer) – Green
  • Autumn – Seasonal Fall Colors
  • Advent – Purple & Rose
  • Christmas – Red, Gold, White