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Celebrating 4 & 6 – Inside Out Style

I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to pull this off, but as long as they will let me, it’s fun to celebrate these crazy boys together. Although, they may never really know when their actual birth dates are. Jamison is so confused. Heck, I’m confused. December, March, April all the same really, right? And whoa nelly getting a 4 & 6 year old to agree on a party plan, okay in all honesty, getting a 4 & 6 year old to agree on anything? That alone calls for cake. Good thing they are so darn cute.

We fell in love with Inside Out over New Year’s. Jason and I sipped coffee and wrestled with the remaining lights on our Christmas tree, while the boys sat mezmorized by the movie. There are so few movies we all enjoy, so I ordered the DVD that same day and the good folks at Amazon Prime delivered it quicker than you can say “every day is full of emotions.”

I wish I could keep all the details under wraps while I put a party together and have the reveal be a surprise, but alas, real life doesn’t allow for this. The first time Jamison saw the party table all put together he was so excited. He specifically liked the “cotton candy” I had Bing Bong sitting atop. That my friends I have come to align with thank you mom.

The inspiration from the movie was endless and Jack is all about rainbow color order as of late, so it was a perfect fit. Here are some fun details from the party.

When I asked if the boys wanted hats for their party I was instructed by Jack that he is too old for hats, but masks were still approved kindergarten apparel. Ok boss. These two had a ball… when they weren’t two inches from my camera, I got a couple blurry, but seriously silly shots in.

Life is better with family & friends. Happy Birthday to two of my favorite little men.  

Have a delightful weekend everyone!

Links & party sources:
Invitations – SunnyGeikoDesign via Etsy
“Memory Orb” Candy Wands – Lisa Frank Parties 
Lisa was awesome to work with, check out her Instagram account. She makes the cutest party supplies. 
Inside Out Poster – Amazon
Inside Out Printable Masks – BB8jony via Etsy
These were an instant download I had printed and laminated. We then hot glued them to thin wooden strips from Menard’s and voila – Photo Props.
Stuffed Bing Bong –  Bed, Bath & Beyond


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