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A little bit of inspiration with my coffee, please

Websites and women who make me smile (and sometimes cry), but the good kind of cry that touches the heart and stirs the soul.  The kind of cry my husband would role his eyes at, like when I watch Hope Floats for the millionth time and start crying before the sad parts even happen, because I know darn well they’re gonna happen.  Well filler-uppers of all kinds:  creative, spiritual, funny, wise, witty and kind.  Words and new posts that ignite the same kind of excitement that dancing in the rain did as a kid, or finding a book dealer with an entire table of books marked only $1.00 does now.  Yep, that kind of joy.

A Holy Experience
A lady in France
An Inch of Gray
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Enjoying the Small Things
Nesting Place
Posie Gets Cozy
Sarah Bessey