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A few of our favorite October things

We had a wonderfully quiet weekend.  Dinner at home with family on Friday, one final trip to the apple orchard for the season, and a Saturday night movie marathon after the boys were tucked all snug in their beds.  Each night the frost warnings come, but my tender plants have long ago been stowed away for the winter.  My window sill at work is literally overflowing with an ambitious collection of plants I hope to nurse through the winter months.  I have inspired plans to turn some tiny clippings into topiary works of art.

The thing I find so rewarding about gardening is the multiplication of plants through a tiny seed or a carefully trimmed clipping or a small piece of root.  The challenge to reap beautiful works of nature’s art by sowing a small handful of carefully selected plants.  It is sort of like thrifting, the less money you have, the more rewarding it is to discover something unique for a bargain and turn it into something lovely.  To take one plant and make many plants.  And there’s a storyteller’s heart in it, too.  That plant came from my aunt’s garden and this one was a gift from my mom.  Shared joy, shared experience.  Your garden blooms when your benefactor’s does.  Their garden delights mirror yours.  Shared beauty.

Before October completely bows out and November ushers in more cold, bare branches and the possibility of snow, a few of our favorite October things…

  • little red wagons lined with tartan plaid blankets
  • baking with my boys
  • hot apple cider mulled into perfection
  • the prospect of starting Christmas projects and gifts early
  • gathered wheat spun into an elegantly twirled bouquet
  • passing Amish corn fields with husks pulled taut and tent-like, row after row
  • coffee
  • goose bumps from climbing into a ridiculously hot bath that dutifully calls every pore in your body to attention and then magically relaxes them into warm submission
  • heated seats
  • nature’s floral arrangements around every corner, a bouquet of hydrangea, oat grass, sedum, broom grass.
  • mason jar vases
  • sunflowers ~ the happiest little flowers on earth in my opinion
  • dreaming up and making Halloween costumes for little people
  • reacquainting yourself with stashed away boots, scarves and sweaters
  • knit hats weaved together to resemble owls, cupcakes and pumpkins
  • apple orchards, apple pie, apple trees
  • quilts and soft, cozy knitted concoctions
  • the appreciation in knowing every beautiful day God gives us in October could be our last in the 70’s, 60’s, or 50’s for months
  • the anticipation of all the wonderful celebrations yet to come before the year’s close
  • lists of ideas jotted down in notebooks all over the house:  church decorations, handmade gift ideas, recipes new & old
  • catching glimpses of tractors working in the field (I’m so glad my husband reminded me of this one)

And finally, my first attempt at using the video software on our little ol’ pc. Someday, I might even delve in to the raw wedding footage we still have collecting dust in our safe.  But, in the meantime, a little ditty about Jack & Jamison, two American boys growing up, in the heartland.

Song:  Nickel Creek – Tomorrow is a Long Time

“The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.”

~ proverb selected from Hello Sunshine, Clark & Kunz Loots, 1972

Have a beautiful and productive week friends!


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