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A birthday party at Chef Pisghetti’s

So my two favorite monkeys wanted a Curious George birthday party this year and that’s just what they got.

Chef Pisghetti was kind enough to host our party, so of course we had Italian and unbeknownst to Scarlett she got to play Chef Pisghetti’s cat Gnocchi.

Grandma made our cake. And oh, these faces… right here always make all the party prep so, so worth it.

We gave all our good little monkeys a Curious George book as a parting gift.

Have a great Easter everyone!

p.s. I’ve already been given the directive from the boys that next year we need to have a spiderman/lego/frozen party. I can see the frozen spider webs glistening now – maybe with a couple Lego men stuck in them? What do you think?

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