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2016: An homage in pictures

I thought about glossing over the second half of 2016, just jumping to today and writing about the peace that exists right now. This singular thought eased the pressure of trying to surmise last year’s daily ups and downs, but then I thought about how sad I would be to have documented so little in a year that was so much.

Even if merely tangentially, it seemed all life matters were influenced by the blueprint of our house – our temperament, our task list, our dinner plans. Our year followed the timeline of our building process. When there was progress, we elated, when there was red tape we lamented.

As soon as there was a hole in the ground, the undercurrent of purging, packing and planning commenced. So thankful I read Marie Kondo’s book last winter, it was just the spark I needed to mentally part with things I had been holding onto for years. It helped me release the guilt of (gasp) throwing away some of the kids’ amassing treasure troves of art, school work and random toy parts.

We moved Thanksgiving weekend, with the help of the best friends and family this side of the Mississippi. So thankful for all of them!

A quick homage in pictures to a year we celebrated not only building our house, but Jonah’s 1st birthday, my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary and so many more wonderfully ordinary moments.

Good bye old house, you served us well. Hello new house, you had us at hello.

Happy belated New Year’s blessings to you friends.



Nancy Meyer

Beautiful pictorial of your year! Wishing you all the best in 2017!


Thanks Nancy! A happy 2017 to you and your beautiful family, too!

Amy Warren

Beautiful, my friend! The writing, the pictures , but mostly the family! Love you guys!


Awe, thanks Amy! We love you guys, too! 🙂

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